Easy 7 Step Redesign Website Checklist

Dec 30, 2019/By Admin

If you have an existing website which has outdated functionality and designs then it’s time to redesign the website. It’s a confusing task to redesign a website because you don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry! We are ready to help you. In this blog post, we are sharing the Easy 7 step redesign website checklist. Our checklist will help in planning the redesigning process and ensures an amazing design of the website.

Have a look at the Easy 7 step redesign website checklist

Uncover the wrong things of the existing website:

This point must be on the top of the checklist. Begin the checklist by creating a list of wrong and outdated functionalities and design on the website. Your list must include every wrong thing on the website. You have to spend immense time and effort to complete the list of all the wrong things on the existing website. This list will also make you aware of the unresolved and unknown issues which are affecting the performance of the existing website. For instance, you find that web pages take so much to load and this is not happening because of the design. This is the reason why people will stay away from your website. You can solve the problem which is related to design first and then jump on to the next problems. Check the website thoroughly and understand every each problem of the existing website.

Create a plan to resolve these problems of the website:

So, you have a long list of design issues you found on your existing website. Now, you have to create a plan to fix these problems. First, circles the items which you want to plan first and rewrite them in a new piece of paper. Brainstorming is the next step. Think about the innovative and creative element which you want to install in place of the outdated ones. For instance, your text style does not stand out against the color of the text or the color of the background, write a plan to fix the problem. Say, you have a navigation bar which has many components and looks little chunky, you can write a suggestion to fix it. This will be considered as the plan or actions to fix the problems of the existing website.

Employ a website redesign professionals every each:

If you’re proficient in website designing, it is not an issue to complete the redesign checklist on your own. Someone new to this web world should employ an experienced website designer. He will not only convert your ideas into reality but also design an amazing website for the company. They can complete the work in less time and saves the precious time of the company. Before hiring an agency or a professional, go through their portfolio and previous work to get the idea of their work and experience.

Have proper communication about your goals and taste with the designer:

Communication is very important to design the website of your dreams. Show the checklist to the designer and let him know the changes you would prefer on the website which suits your taste and goals. The designer will have millions of ideas. Encourage their ideas and share your views about them.

Provide feedback and suggestions to the designer:

The designer will create a wire firm of the website. You have to provide the feedback for the same. Be open about the feedback so that he can implement them in the right way.

User testing of the website:

Now it is the time to do user testing. This way, you will understand how customer understands or think about your website. User testing is important to understand the behavior of the customers towards your website.

Execute miscellaneous changes in the website:

At last, it is the time to resolve the miscellaneous changes in the website. Miscellaneous changes include Old content, Old Search engine optimization, unsecured web pages, etc.