What is a Favicon and What are the Tips to Design an Impactful Favicon?

Dec 30, 2019/By Admin

What is a favicon?

Favicon stands for a favorite icon. This icon appears next to the website page. Usually, it is the logo of the company or a visual picture that recognize the brand of the company or the site so that people get familiar with your brand. Favicon appears in Browser tab, Bookmarks, Toolbar, Recently visited, Search bars and Mobile searches. Favicon plays a vital role in the website interface. The purpose of a favicon is, for instance, you have numerous tabs open in google chrome. You will not see the title. All you would see is a favicon. That's why it is important to have a favicon. Favicon is also helpful when someone bookmarks your page. It will be easy to return to the site later. Previously, the size of the favicon was 16*16 pixels. But now it is recommended that you have the larger version of favicon as well. It is because, for instance, somebody wants to add your website as a shortcut onto their website, if you only have a 16*16 pixel icon, it will become pixelated. Make sure you have a various size because a low-quality favicon can be bad for the branding of the company. Some companies also use a text in place of a picture or a logo. For instance, Justdial. It is an excellent favicon example of using text.

Why it is important to create a favicon?

Favicon completes the website and it gives a professional look to the site in the digital world. Favicon uplifts the positioning of the brand in the online market and gains the trust of the customers. Favicon builds brand awareness among potential customers. A favicon helps in search engine optimization of the web platform.

How to design an Impactful Favicon for the website?

Before creating a favicon, read the below tips which will help you to design an impactful favicon for your website. Have a look!

Ideal Usage of space:

There must be a wise use of space when you are creating a favicon. Do not create a favicon which is so small that people will not be able to recognize it. Use the space wisely. Some companies use their logos as favicons while some use a text-based favicon. Well, it’s a great idea. You do not need to spend extra time to develop a favicon. You can use your company’s logo. You have to decrease the size of the logo to make it a favicon. But make sure the logo is recognizable in it’s decreased size. Nonetheless, you need to remove some elements in the logo to make the favicon recognizable.

Create an Appealing favicon:

Favicon is always visible to everyone. For instance, you have opened multiple tabs in the browser. You will not see the title of the tabs but you can clearly see the favicon. You can also see the favicon if you bookmark the site. To draw people’s attention towards your site, you must have an appealing favicon. You can use bright and bold colors to get recognized easily unless you have some other color theme of the company which you need to stick to. You can use some unusual shapes or styles to highlight your logo into the minds of the people.

Consult a designer to get a custom favicon:

There are various favicon generator websites are present on the internet. You can find a favicon which suits your company. But to make it stand out from the rest, it is recommended to consult a graphic designer. The designer will help you to get a unique and custom favicon which works best for your business.

Create a Favicon which recognizes your business:

The main emphasis of the favicon is on the recognition of the business. This icon is used to find your site in the tabs or bookmarks. For instance, https://www.quantumcabling.com.au is an excellent example of favicon which reflects the business. They have used a paw print as favicon which shows that their business deals with animals. A favicon builds brand awareness and helps potential customers to recognize your business. Design a favicon which can immediately reflect your business and quickly recognized by the audience.